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Through the Keeling Foundation for Kids, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, businesses and individuals may make contributions to help students receive more from
school than just an education.

The Keeling Foundation for Kids was developed by Gary and Jannis Keeling because of their desire to help students and as a reflection of Gary’s long-time coaching career and his interest in encouraging students to develop their potential. The foundation’s mission is to help students who cannot afford to participate in extra-curricular activities. Athletic shoes, musical instruments, activity fees, camps…or maybe just money for a field trip. These are just a few of the ways donations through the Keeling Foundation for Kids
benefit students and teachers while providing you the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to support a school or program of your choice.

“The foundation helps support funding for extra-curricular activities for students in Polk County schools that might not have the money to participate in sports, music, speech or other after school activities and clubs. Sometimes students want to play a sport, or participate in a club, but the extra money isn’t there to allow that privilege. That’s where the Keeling Foundation for Kids comes in. We want to help students have that opportunity to pursue an interest that might lead to a lifelong skill or passion. At the
very least, maybe we can help a student choose a positive extra-curricular activity rather than one that might lead them into trouble. We just want to help.”
– Jannis Keeling, founder


A gift to Keeling Foundation for Kids helps those kids have these opportunities. A one time donation or an annual donation is an excellent way to help. Charitable gifts are not taxed. Why pay unnecessary estate taxes when your bequest can create a legacy to your belief in the importance of the kids of Polk County?

Many individuals are discovering the financial advantage involved in making a planned gift. This could include a bequest in a will, gift trust, or another type of gift that becomes effective in the future. Planned gifts also offer tax and legal benefits to the donor. Outright bequests in their will, gifts in trust, or contributed appreciated assets are all ways that can help these children.
To donate to or explore estate planning options through the Keeling Foundation for Kids, call 417.326.3799 or at http://www.keelingfinancialservices.com .

Benefits we have paid out – The foundation pays out benefits in coordination with Care-To-Learn and BEAF for Bolivar.  The other schools we help are the other 5 Polk County schools and Dallas County schools.   All requests are paid through vetted requests that come from each school’s counselor.  Since 2012, we have paid out over $61,000 in benefits to over 350 children.  Our largest benefits paid are for:  Dual-Credit courses….Eyeglasses….Extra-curricular fees and apparel….Milk Programs…Backpack Programs.  Many other benefits have been paid also.

Gary and Jannis Keeling